Top 10 Misused Words

The list of Top 10 Misused Words is educational. Also check out 10 Common English Language Errors.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Misused Words”

  1. What happened to my old friends “problematic” and “actionable”? And how can one mention “ultimate” and resist throwing in a reference to Duane Thomas?

  2. But are “problematic” and “actionable” misused or simply trite—like my least favorites from my previous corporate life: “deliverable” and incentivize?”

  3. “Actionable” used to mean statements that one could sue over. “Problematic” used to mean open to question, verging maybe on “academic”. Now quite a few writers use “actionable” to mean information that could act on, and “problematic” to mean something that creates a difficulty.

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