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The above is the title of an article in The Huffington Post by Anne Hill and my first thought was to wonder if Ms. Hill got paid since there is a class action lawsuit against The Huffington Post and AOL by writers who did not get paid for their work. Oh well, she begins:

By all accounts, the publishing industry is in tough shape. Sales are down, bookstores are closing, and many authors are leaving traditional publishers in favor of publishing eBooks. I have been watching these changes with growing interest, as have most other authors I know who have either entered or are considering entering the burgeoning world of digital publishing.

Many of us are searching for new and better ways to market eBooks (more on that in a later post), or are following the big debate about eBookpricing. In case you are just tuning in, here is my list of digital publishing’s most obvious advantages, as well as some strong cautions for both authors and readers. (I will focus mostly on Amazon’s Kindle, the platform I am most familiar with.)

Read the whole thing.

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