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Daily Archive for May 9th, 2011

Three Books To Take To A Fistfight

Alan Heathcock at NPR says, I’m not a violent man by nature, but I’ve had my scrapes and I’ve seen more than a few, and if there’s one unassailable truth I know about a fistfight it’s this: It doesn’t matter who strikes first, or most, but only who strikes last. In a fight, to endure [...]

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David Hume

Saturday May 7, was philosopher David Hume’s 300th birthday. He’s dead, of course. From the New York Times: Hume was most concerned with the nature of knowledge, morality, causality — not with fashioning a philosophy for everyday life. And yet his life, like his work, does offer insights about how to live. Consider an episode [...]

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15 Most Famous Cafes in the Literary World has a heavy dose of Hemingway haunts. The introduction: Some of the most famous novels and literary moments of all time were written and inspired by cafes in Europe. From the American ex-pat writers in Paris to Henrik Ibsen’s continental travels, cafes were a place to work [...]

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