New NSA ‘Transparency Report’ Raises More Questions Than It Answers

From Huffington Post—the introductory remarks:

For years, big Internet companies like Twitter have released “transparency reports” to show users how often the government asks for their data. Now the National Security Agency is getting in on the act: The agency released its first-ever such report on Friday, complete with Internet-ready charts meant to show its use of “national security authorities.”

But the report, produced by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the orders of President Barack Obama as a response to Edward Snowden’s leaks, still leaves a lot unsaid — and the numbers it does disclose may conceal more than they reveal.

“This report is inherently untrustworthy,” said Amie Stepanovich, senior policy counsel at the digital rights group Access.

It’s getting difficult to believe anything that comes from our government.