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Behind most great works of literature, classic and contemporary, is a hardworking editor. Not only did he or she have to approve the manuscript for publication, it also required revisions and grammar and spelling check to make the final product as readable as possible. Not every book on the shelves is a winner by any stretch of the imagination, of course, but editors are just as responsible for printing absolute treasures as they areeye-gougingly egregious offenses against all things bright and beautiful in this world. Students hoping to pursue a career in the literary arts should do their best to connect with the bountiful resources available online. Professionals from across the industry frequently take to the internet in order to educate the world on how literary works come together.

Rather than anything comprehensive, this list seeks out an eclectic selection of blogs pertaining to multiple aspects of the literary industry, including nonfiction. This decision does not discount the contributions of other bloggers out there, and we hope visitors will seek out other, unlisted opinions for a diverse glimpse at the world of reading.






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