’52 Pick-Up’

The title of the linked article is Rent it now: The Elmore Leonard movie nobody knows, which isn’t quite true. Some of us folks out there remember the book and the movie quite well. An excerpt:

Many Elmore Leonard novels have been brought to the screen – with mixed results – but my favorite adaptation is one very few people have ever heard of, let alone seen.

The 1986 John Frankenheimer drama, “52 Pick-Up,” suffered the misfortune of being produced and distributed by the Cannon Group, a long-forgotten company that specialized in Chuck Norris action pictures and pop-culture-fad movies about things like break dancing.

The Frankenheimer version of the Elmore Leonard novel is a tough and rather nasty look at the intersection of high life and low life in Los Angeles two decades ago. It’s a crime drama that packs an unusually strong emotional punch.

(Hat tip: Elmore Leonard)

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