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Beware of Writers

Here are two pieces on the dangers of relationships with writers: Beware of Writer: Ten Very Good Reasons To…, and Why Date a Writer, which builds off of a third blog post called 20 Great Things About Dating a Writer, not nearly as funny because the author was playing it straight.

Since I’ve been married to the same woman for over forty years, I don’t have to even think about dating anybody, so any advice on the subject is superfluous. But she does have to worry about me elevating my writing “to sacred cosmic necessity,” my “temple,” where any imposed distraction earns my wrath. I confess to being unpleasant at times to unwanted interruptions—it’s a control issue, I suppose. But we’ve generally worked it out. I take full advantage of her occasional employment while retired (she works per diem at a hospital when they need her) or her trips to the store; and if I really need time alone, I plan for it. We schedule the hours I need in the office, on the computer, with or without the door shut. The key point is that I have enough time. My eyes go buggy and my mind tires…I mostly need to walk away from writing and research, get some exercise, practice my guitar, before any distractions at home warrant complaint. I function. I’m learning. I’m able feel productive, even if it’s only for my personal satisfaction; and she’s supportive. It’s a good life, with reading and writing prevalent.

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