“Check Your Privilege”

From the Library of Law and Liberty, an article called, “Check Your Argument,” which turns the latest phrase used on college campuses by leftists to shut people up, back on themselves.  Refer to this piece by a Princeton freshman for a better understanding of the background: “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege.” (He won’t apologize because there is no need to.) A quote from the first article:

This new form of an old disorder also shows that despite the orthodoxy on many campuses many left-liberals remain very afraid of classical liberal and conservative dissent.  Just as students who protested Condi Rice’s prospective graduation speech at Rutgers showed strength in numbers but weakness in intellectual confidence, so do those who parrot this new campus slogan.  If your underlying argument is flawed, you do need a force other than logic and evidence to sustain your position.  Political correctness is an admission of intellectual frailty. (Emphasis mine)

Update: The Banality of ‘Privilege’ (Hat tip: Instapundit—The left’s Privilege Police….)

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