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On Thursday, April 28, 2011, I signed a publishing contract with Hugo House Publishing, a small independent publisher based in Englewood, Colorado. I was thankfully introduced to Dr. Patricia Ross, co-owner of Hugo House Publishers, at a CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) meeting late last year by book marketing expert, Mary Walewski, who is on the Board at CIPA and who I’ve joyfully worked with in learning about book promotion. Dr. Ross and I agreed to an exploratory meeting following my “query” submission per their standards. At that meeting we agreed to get my manuscript in shape and then see what the best course of action would be for publishing. The editing took some time. We then did some market research, which took a little more time. Understanding and closing the deal was the next step. It’s done—the commitment to publishing has been made. Now there is a lot more work to do.

Dr. Ross has a PhD from NYU in English Literature, specializing in modern American Literature. She has, of course, helped me tremendously through this process, as I am learning an entirely new business. And anyone close to it knows that it is a business that is rapidly changing. Also, as I’ve gotten to know Patricia, we’ve enjoyed many discussions on literature in general, our likes and dislikes. Today we looked at book covers at the Tattered Cover Book Store, one of the best book stores anywhere, independent or otherwise. Next steps:

Book cover design.

Clean up my synopsis with themes.

Finalize manuscript—last edits.

Interior set up.

Work on back cover.

Print first proofs.

Review copies in hand—July.

Get some reviews.

Publish—early fourth quarter.





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  1. zmkc says:

    Fantastic. Huge congratulations. Make sure it comes out in time to solve my Christmas present problems.

  2. Awesome! I’ll look forward to seeing the book in print.

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