Interview with Elmore Leonard and Sons

Elmore Leonard And Sons’ Recipies For Writing, And Fried Spam via Frank Wilson. The beginning of the transcript from NPR News:

This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon. Got to interview America’s number one crime family couple weeks ago at the Tucson Book Festival, and not the Corleones. Elmore, Peter and Chris Leonard.

Elmore Leonard, of course, is one of the most esteemed writers in the world. He left the Detroit ad business to write westerns, then switched to crime fiction, and has since produced more than 40 novels, including “Get Shorty,” “Cuba Libre,” “Maximum Bob,” and the forthcoming “Djibouti.”

Peter Leonard also left the ad business to write crime novels, including “Quiver” and “Trust Me.” And Chris Leonard, the youngest son, is writing his first novel.


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