Live chat via about my novel, Waiting for Zoë, February 13, 2012.

Opinion piece about my book, Novel offers nuanced view of those in the hinterlands, by Frank Wilson, book editor, that was in the Philadelphia Inquirer, February 12, 2012. A PDF version: AmentArticlePE.

Book review by Stephen Knapp, Evergreen Newspapers, published October 26, 2011. (Behind paywall) A PDF version: Upslope Article

A conversation with author, Jim Ament: Interview—December 8, 2011

Article about my book in Just Around Here, December 2, 2011

Blue Ink Review of Waiting for ZoëOctober, 2011

Signed publishing contract with Hugo House Publishers, April 28, 2011

My Novel—an Update—March 7, 2011

Elevator Speech for my Novel—October 28, 2010

My First Novel—September 7, 2010

Origins, an essay about my early life, which explains where some of the themes of Waiting for Zoë originated—September 3, 2010

How to buy Waiting for Zoë:

  1. If you are local to where I live, I will hand deliver a personalized, signed, and discounted copy to you for $17.00 (Retail price: $19.95), cash or personal check, plus 4.6% sales tax (or a total of $17.78) since I cannot sell within the state of Colorado without collecting sales tax appropriate to the county where I live—Jefferson County.  You can also buy it at HearthFire Books in Evergreen, CO or Mountain Books in Conifer, CO and Broadway Book Mall in Denver, CO
  2. If you reside within the continental United States, you can buy my book at the store (“Buy my Book”) on my website using PayPal or a check. Or, you can simply email me at with instructions on where to ship the book (or books). You will receive a personalized, signed, and discounted copy for $17.00, plus sales tax if you reside in the state of Colorado, plus $3.00 shipping and handling, for each book.
  3. You can also buy my book via and and it is available in Kindle and Nook formats. These channels would be best for all international customers.



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