Waiting for Zoe

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A genre-bending novel of endurance—about coping with the cards that one is dealt, accepting what one simply must, the kind of endurance that overcomes obstacles, and builds a good life in spite of any pain from the past.

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Two main characters and two concurrent stories: Russ and Zoe. One who retired early. One just getting started in life. Both have to face unimaginable tragedies. Both have to find it in themselves not just a way to stoically survive but to thrive. Zoë is a failed professional tennis player from Florida studying journalism at Columbia University. She accepts an internship at a weekly paper in Wyoming where dramatic changes occur to her previously planned life. Russ, a successful entrepreneur, drops out and settles in Colorado, needing to cope with loss and find happiness again. Waiting for Zoë is a novel examining our convictions, our attachments, our choices and the consequences. The book explores a person’s ability to endure—and find meaning—in the face of tragedy. A character-driven, genre-bending novel set in Wyoming, Colorado, New York City, and Southern California, it makes the reader ask the hard questions: Isn't there something more important than attaching oneself to other people’s causes and agendas in understanding who we really are? Who is in charge of creating ourselves? The audience is likely to be those interested in a love story with adventure, suspense, humor, tragedy, the clash of cultures, and coping with loss. The reader is confronted with a number of these issues and hopefully sees that there are no easy answers…we do the best we can, make our choices in life, and eventually have to trust the people we love and ourselves. And we live with the consequences.

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