Question: Why Does Anyone Pay for This Drivel?

My title owes a thanks to richard40, a commenter on a post titled Writing Teachers: Still Crazy After All These Years, by Mary Grabar, found at Books, Inq. titled Rhetoric as performance. Here’s the first paragraph:

After spending four depressing days this month at a meeting of 3,000 writing teachers in Atlanta, I can tell you that their parent group, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, is not really interested  in teaching students to write and communicate clearly.  The group’s agenda, clear to me after sampling as many of the meeting’s 500 panels as I could, is devoted to disparaging grammar, logic, reason, evidence and fairness as instruments of white oppression. They believe rules of grammar discriminate against marginalized groups and restrict self-expression.

It gets worse. Read the whole piece plus the comments; and here’s Dr. Grabar’s last sentence:

That administrators and paying customers  at respectable colleges and universities continue to support such daffy activities should be the subject of some real “critical thought.”

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