The Laid-Back World of ‘Big Lebowski’ Worship

From The Atlantic:

A decade and a half after its initial release in cinemas, the Coen brothers’ strange cult comedy often gets mined for—and sometimes creates—spiritual meaning.

And there is this from Ann Althouse: If you had to invent a religion based on a movie, what movie would you choose?

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Book Review—Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280, by Jim Thompson (1906–1977), published 1964

Pop. 1280 is a terribly brutal yet oddly humorous story about a sheriff in a small Southern town with a population of 1280 people. He’s the sheriff of the 47th largest county in an unnamed state with 47 counties. It’s at time where there are telephones but also horses and buggies, early 20th Century. My first impression was that all the characters demonstrated supreme stupidity, including the protagonist, Sheriff Nick Corey—a rube. Then I had a moment or two to question—dumb like a fox? Nevertheless, as the story rolled along, I was convinced that my earlier suspicions were correct.

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