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On Philosopher David Hume

An interview with Simon Blackburn and five book recommendations.

Hume had a message he wanted to get out — particularly as regards skepticism about religion — but he was no proto-Richard Dawkins, says Simon Blackburn. He chooses the best books on David Hume.


The Laid-Back World of ‘Big Lebowski’ Worship

From The Atlantic:

A decade and a half after its initial release in cinemas, the Coen brothers’ strange cult comedy often gets mined for—and sometimes creates—spiritual meaning.

And there is this from Ann Althouse: If you had to invent a religion based on a movie, what movie would you choose?

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Islam and Science

From The Economist, The road to renewal:

After centuries of stagnation science is making a comeback in the Islamic world.

Too slowly, in my opinion, but any progress should be welcomed.

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Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

deadseascrolls.org looks like a fascinating web site, if one is interested in that sort of study.

The discovery of the first Dead Sea Scrolls in a remote Judean Desert cave in 1947 is widely considered the greatest archaeological event of the twentieth century. Bedouin treasure hunters and archaeologists ultimately found the remains of hundreds of ancient scrolls. These fragile pieces of parchment and papyrus, including the oldest existing copies of the Hebrew Bible, were preserved for two thousand years by the hot, dry desert climate and the darkness of the caves where they were placed. The scrolls provide an unprecedented picture of the diverse religious beliefs of ancient Judaism, and of daily life during the turbulent Second Temple period when Jesus lived and preached.

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The Taste for Being Moral

From The New York Review of Books, a thought provoking review of two books: The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt, and Dignity: Its History and Meaning by Michael Rosen


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In Praise of the Clash of Cultures

From The New York Times,  Carlos Fraenkel‘s  plea for civil debate:

When we transform the disagreements arising from diversity into a culture of debate, they cease to be a threat to social peace.

Good luck with that!

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Camille Paglia on Religion & Art in America

Found at cobb, “Shamelessly copied whole cloth from a lecture delivered on 6 February 2007 as the 2007 Cornerstone Arts Lecture at Colorado College. It was videotaped by C-SPAN and broadcast on its American Perspectives series on 3 March 2007.”

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Kenan Malik on Morality Without God

From The Browser, FiveBook Interviews, some fascinating thoughts on belief and unbelief and five recommended books.


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Five myths about church and state in America

From Oxford University Press Blog, by David Sehat:

Liberals claim that the founding fathers separated church and state, while conservatives argue that the founders made faith a foundation of our government. Both sides argue that America once enjoyed a freedom to worship that they seek to preserve. Yet neither side gets it right.


See the five myths at the link…and Merry Christmas

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Thoughts on Paganism

From Bruce Charlton’s Miscellany (Hat tip: Frank Wilson)—an excerpt:

Since paganism is the spontaneous religion of humanity, and therefore requires no specific or divine revelation – therefore it requires no Church, no book, nor any institutions.

Paganism can be personal, individual – you can be a real pagan all by yourself.

Many people (probably) are.

And it may be better – much better – to be pagan than nothing.

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