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10 Incredible Cutting-Edge Technologies In Development

From Listserve—their opening remarks:

Don’t give up on flying cars or hoverboards just yet! As technology marches relentlessly on, everything goes into development sooner or later—as demonstrated by the existence of these things, which we’ll almost certainly see within our lifetimes.

Cool ideas, but where is John Galt’s motor?

What Is ‘Evil’ to Google?

From The Atlantic, an analysis of Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil.”

It appears that what is evil, and what is good, is that which Google says it is.

(Hat tip: Instapundit.)

Overpopulation Is Not the Problem

From The New York Times:

Many scientists believe that by transforming the earth’s natural landscapes, we are undermining the very life support systems that sustain us. Like bacteria in a petri dish, our exploding numbers are reaching the limits of a finite planet, with dire consequences. Disaster looms as humans exceed the earth’s natural carrying capacity. Clearly, this could not be sustainable.

This is nonsense….

14 Rules Of The New Workplace That Millennials Need To Master

From Business Insider:

“Today’s workplace doesn’t tolerate slackers,” says Gen Y career expert Dan Schawbel in his new book “Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success.” In a rapidly changing economy, young people either rise to the top or don’t survive.

To navigate the new workplace, Schawbel says millennials need to master a new set of rules that aren’t taught in school. Advances in technology, the rise of social media, and 24/7 connectivity mean young people have to promote themselves and take ownership of their careers in ways that previous generations wouldn’t or couldn’t have imagined.

Read the article—it’s scary. There’s no place for introverts in this scenario.

Uncreative Writing: Redefining Language and Authorship in the Digital Age

From brain pickings:—the opening paragraph:

“And your way, is it really YOUR way?,” Henry Miller famously asked“Substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources,” Mark Twain consoled Helen Keller when she was accused of plagiarism. Even our brains might be wired for the necessary forgettings of creativity. What, then, is the value of “originality” — or even its definition?

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Book Review: The Future, by Al Gore

From The Wall Street Journal, a review by Glenn Harlan Reynolds, law professor at the University of Tennessee of Al Gore’s new book.


The Future

By Al Gore
(Random House, 558 pages, $30)


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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology

Learning to be a low-level computer geek—even at this advanced age—I found this New York Times article to be instructive. My first significant move in this area in 2010 was to switch from Windows based PCs to all Mac equipment. I doubt that I’ll ever go back.

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