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I have had two other blogs before this web site, both with minimal traffic. Blogging was a hit and miss deal for me. Sometimes I posted on a regular basis and sometimes there were major gaps—I had other things to do—a life paying attention to the world away from the computer. I also enjoyed reading other blogs, offering an occasional comment, rather than focusing on my own site.

My move to WordPress and the creation of this blog is based on the desire to create a more literary site, although I do like to rant  once in a while, or make snarky remarks about something I’ve linked.  What I mostly enjoy doing, in my writing life, is produce essays—commentary on culture, public policy, economics, religious and philosophical matters, and life. I often take a contrarian view. I also write book reviews, which have been, and continue to be, written for me—notes to myself—rather than for, university professors, or pay. Many of my old reviews have been reposted here. But I have moved on to writing fiction, which consists of one published novel, Waiting for Zoë—a three year journey to write and another year to get it published. I also write short stories and dabble in poetry. I am working on a second book, a noir fiction set in Charleston, South Carolina.

Because I see it as a fitting sentiment—when one writes and makes it public—I’ll quote Christian mystic Simone Weil (1909-1943): “I must give you the impression of a Luciferian pride in speaking thus of a great many matters that are too high for me and about which I have no right to understand anything. It is not my fault. Ideas come and settle in my mind by mistake, then realizing their mistake, they absolutely insist on coming out. I do not know where they come from, or what they are worth, but, whatever the risk, I do not think I have the right to prevent this operation.”

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  1. I saw that someone found my blog through yours, so I decided to pay you a visit! I like your theme :D

    Actually, it is funny. You and I have similar intentions in our blogs, etc. I do a lot of linking though as I feel compelled to share what I find. Happy writing! I hope to hear from you. Thank you for the link!


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